Ever-widening service schedules

Sarah is currently at 44.5K miles which means a scheduled oil change is coming up. The MINI ‘adapts’ the service intervals depending on your driving style and over the last 1000 miles the mileage at which the next service will take place is getting further out. It looked like it was going to be at 48K but now its up to 49,300. I’m pretty sure my warranty expires at 48K, that’s going to be a bummer.

In other news, thanks to the high-tech folks at eschwa this has been the first spam-free morning in a long time. Long may it stay that way.

One thought on “Ever-widening service schedules”

  1. Your warranty is four-year – 50K miles. You should just squeak by.

    I’ll hit four years before I hit 50K, though. I’m at 19 months and 18K miles. Having my office at home has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Advantage – I’ve got a low mileage ’03 MCS. Disadvantage – I don’t get to motor as much as I’d like to.

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