It seems like all my MINI blogsters are buying new MINIs and I want to join the craze. This lunchtime I spec’d out a tasty Purple MCS Convertible, loaded it up with accessories, coming out at $28, 204 before tax and dealer markup. I added white stripes but of course being a convertible I can’t do a union jack roof. Current finances won’t let me do it though when I sell the Jeep, that plus the trade-in on the current MINI would get me the car with probably the same payments and remaining finance term as I have now. Other option is just to mod this one out with pulley, intake and all but everything I read suggests that the ’05 models handle so much better than the ’02 that I have that really I should start from there.

I really don’t want to extend the end of my car payment terms or else I’m never going to be able to buy my plane. So many toys to own, but so little money.

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