Broken Headlamp

This morning I was thinking about how long its been since my last problem with Sarah, it seems like its been ages especially since I was going to Brecht’s every month for the longest time. Well, I jinxed it. On the way home tonight I noticed that my driver’s side headlamp isn’t working. This happened once before and it turned out to be a loose connection, hopefully it will be the same again. When I book it in, I’ll try to get the V.39 software upgrade at the same time.

2 thoughts on “Broken Headlamp”

  1. not sure about the Xenon’s, but Crevier charged me a few bucks for the lamp and nothing to install it! See, I bring good news 😀

  2. I went over (more like was swallowed up by) a huge pothole on Monday night so I’m thinking it just loosened the wire that had come loose before. I’m going to go over to Brecht’s this afternoon see if they can spare a few minutes to check it out. And in the meantime, maybe I’ll see what shiny new MINIs are on the lot….

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