I don’t know what Hyundai are doing with the Veloster Turbo release, and I’m not sure that they know either. It’s been a few weeks now since the VT started showing up and there is a helpful guy on a forum who is posting the US shipping database every couple of days, and here is an example.

If you look real closely, you’ll see there aren’t very many in CA yet, and if you ask local dealers they will tell you they have no idea when or if they are getting anything. And what there is, is very automatic tranny-centric. I think of the almost 300 on that list there are perhaps 2 or 3 that match what I want, and none of them within 1500 miles of me. An Oxnard dealer says there are another 200 waiting at the port and he expects a couple, but has a waiting list of 35. All this suggests I am in for a very long wait on the Veloster Turbo.

Which got me thinking….. how does a new MINI stack up? So I got on the configurator and came up with this (ice ice) baby.

2012 MINI Cooper S 2013 Veloster Turbo
MSRP $27,350 (likely negotiable) $25,475 (min price)
Options Premium Pkg, Sport Package, Garage Door Opener Ultimate Package, Garage Door Opener
Extras Climate control, auto headlights, rain sensor, DSC 7″ touch screen, deluxe stereo system
Performance 27 / 35/ 30 MPG, 0-60 6.2s, 141 mph 26 / 38/ 30 MPG, 0-60 6.8s, 121mph

So a similarly equipped MINI is about $2k more expensive MSRP but I figure you can probable get under that these days. The biggest difference is that the MINI doesn’t have the technical package of the Veloster but in its favour is that I expect it will be of much better build quality, and of course much better handling. The other difference is that I can probably have the MINI I want in a few weeks rather than the (possibly) months for the VT.

Hmmm… indeed.

3 thoughts on “Hmmmm…..”

  1. Interesting. I’d choose a MINI if those were my only choices.

    When I priced out the ABARTH it was nearly $3000-3500 less and the only MINI model I liked was the Coupe and it was much more expensive.

    I’m very happy with the FIAT, so far NO issues with build, but issues with understanding how this beast handles which at times seems scary. My trip up Hwy 1 was one of serious delight and at times a bit ragged compared to my MINIs. As my tires have worn in most of the wandering on those grooved concrete freeways has disappeared and I’ve learned that the body roll is well managed but I’m used to the MINI which is pretty stable.

    Funny that someone in the Bridger Brigade out at MTTS Chicago said the ABARTH motor was crap…. seems Chrysler built the MINI engines for quite a few years. This motor has been spot on, no issues so far at 2700, can’t say that about any of my MINIs power plants (’02’ ’03 ’04). MPG.. 29-30.

    Gabe suggested he felt the ABARTH was one fun ride though I’m not sure if that was a tongue in cheek comment.

  2. BTW.. I choose manual controls for my AC/heat as I thought they’d look better with the interior of the Abarth… Love them.

  3. I like the ARBATH (we have to capitalise that like we do MINI??) but it just doesn’t seem to fit my mission as a daily commute, 22k miles a year. Almost tempted to say f it and get an Elantra, just cruise about at 38 mpg, but where would be the fun in that?

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