The Joy of Motoring

These days my MINI is relegated to the 130 mile each way trip between home and work on a Monday and Friday, and the short (but tedious) commute within San Diego on the other days. So it was nice last week to get to open her up on a long drive, a real long drive.

The plan had been to fly myself to Monterey for a few nights stay with Teri who was already there for a conference. A big winter storm was slowly moving out of California and had almost cleared in time but on the day it was obvious that conditions in the air would make a flight in a small plane both miserable and quite likely on arrival a real difficult instrument approach. So I decided to make the drive.

Up to LA and once beyond, the drive up I-5 may have been long but it was truly a joy to get my foot down and enjoy the open road. My Droid Incredible provided nav and the occasional Twitter relief, BBC Radio 1 provided the soundtrack. Good times.

Passed 115K miles on the way back to Brawley, next inspection is due in around 700.