I hate buying tyres

To me, tyres are a necessary evil which I know does them an disservice. They are as integral a part of the experience as the supercharger and yet I pay more attention to the metal Union Jack badge on the side of the car then I do my choice of tyre.

Last few week the tyres have been screeching round corners when they never used to so I went for a rotate and balance. After a bit the boy came and showed me how the metal was wearing through the front driver tyre (and it had a leak) and two other tyres weren’t far off. Now I don’t know if the kid had spent 10 minutes with a knife making cuts but it seemed like I would have to buy new tyres.

Since I do about 22k a year I like to buy tyres that will last. These had lasted 21k, less than I had hoped. But I had also not liked them from the moment I drove them of the lot. So I have new ones, I listened to a bunch of choice and ended up with the most expensive of the options presented to me: Bridgestone Pole Positions. It was claimed they are a sport tyre but they also have a “40k lifetime” so we’ll see. I certainly liked how they handled on day one. And in the meantime I need an alignment to ensure they last as long as they can.