Fuel Calculations Update

Back in June I was all doom and gloom about my rising fuel costs:

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but since then of course everything has gone pear shaped and the cost of gas has come down, way down. CostCo out here in the Valley has premium for $2.09 so I thought I would add an extra line to that table.

Gas Cost Regular Driving Boring Driving Civic Hybrid
2.09 $130.00 $115.00 $85.00

I think the highest I actually paid was $4.80 so right now I’m saving about $150 a month over that.

$50 “penalty” for having a blast in the MINI compared to the tedium of the Civic? An easy no-brainer with these prices!

2 thoughts on “Fuel Calculations Update”

  1. Gas prices are an amazing roller coaster this year! I pity those Diesel driving folks who are now being charged close to 50% extra 🙁

  2. Hum, ben sick for 2 weeks. Hadn’t driven in that time and went to fill up on Sunday gas prices had dropped a buck a gallon, sweet!

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