Oil Change Done

Given my lack of preparation I ended up taking the car to Brecht for the oil service. I was prepared to pay a lot for the service; sadly I was not prepared enough. Ouch. I think I could have a lifetime’s worth of oil changes on any regular car. I need to find a better solution for the next one. The advisor said he thought the “Service 2” was around $750 which is less than I expected but still crazy. I have that to look forward to in about 9 months I would say.

Once again they wanted to do the fuel injection flush but I said no. Partly because I can’t afford it, and partly because I feel its a bit of a con. Oh, and I am sure I can get that done somewhere cheaper – unless MINI has proprietary parts on that too?

They also found that the right motor mount was leaking and suggest that I get it replaced soon, another $325 for that. It sure is fun being out of warranty. Maybe I should go swap it for a Yaris and a briefcase of cash??

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