Time for Some Servicing

At 51k, I’m just a couple of hundred miles short of being due the next oil change and can’t decide what route to take. Brecht is a pain in the derrière to get to and they charge too much, take too long. And I was brought up never to pay dealer service prices (thanks Dad). Yes, I know I am supposed to do it myself but I have neither time, aptitude or desire. Which pretty much leaves me with a regular lube place. I fully appreciate that its simply not done in the community to take a MINI to such a place but I don’t really see much choice. I do wonder if a lube’n’go will have an oil filter in hand but surely by now the MINI is popular enough that they should be prepared.

Oh, also going to replace the air filter but that one I will do myself.

[and in some other news, my driving licence is finally here – yay!]

2 thoughts on “Time for Some Servicing”

  1. Be sure they use the correct synthetic oil!

    Local to us here in Boston, we have a MINI owner that also runs a garage and does oil changes, brakes, clutches, etc … maybe you can find someone experienced like that?

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