Best MPG Ever! Really.

Yeah, I know I proclaimed this same thing only a month ago but its for reals this time. With the help of a very strong tail wind Friday afternoon, I’ve driven 357 miles on the current tank and the low fuel light is yet to come on (it is imminent though). OBC reads 30.1 so I am probably at the 28/29 mark. I’ve never seen 350 miles on one tank before so this is pretty sweet, dare I try to go 400 before filling up?

Of course, with gas now $3.60 and upwards I could really do with 457 miles.

Update: Filled up this morning at 388 miles, mpg was 29.37, a definite best for Carrie.

4 thoughts on “Best MPG Ever! Really.”

  1. Wow! Quite impressive MPG you’re putting up!

    Keep it up, you are getting close to what I get 😉

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