37,000 Miles and More Good MPG

Carrie turned over 37,000 miles on the way to San Diego this morning; there was no ceremony. I filled up before I left and to my amazement the last tank got me 27.8mpg, another high figure for this car. I have a new driving strategy: I try to drive 70 the whole time except for when the road slopes downhill where I’ll do 75 or so. Its kinda boring but less painful than putting huge wads of cash into the gas pump.

Ok, unless I somehow hit 30mpg I promise not to talk fuel consumption again.

2 thoughts on “37,000 Miles and More Good MPG”

  1. My GP is thrilled to be back with warmer weather / summer fuel / whatever – settling at 28+ mpg now; we’ll see how good she does in The Great Ice Cream Run …

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