Best MPG Ever! Well, Almost.

Thanks to some kind of tail wind on Friday the trip computer was showing me 27.0 mpg when I got home from work. The gauge was just below the first mark and read 175 miles. I’ve never seen either of these things with Carrie, before. Woo hoo!

But this morning going back to San Diego the wind on the desert floor, up the hill and almost all the rest of the way are fierce. 50 miles into the drive at the top of the hill the mpg has gone down to 23.5. My “half tank” mileage was a lousy 215 miles so what I thought was going to be a record tank ends up being a normal one. Final mpg on arrival at work was 25.8.

When I went to the first AMVIV in my ’02 MCS I got 31 indicated mpg so I am hopeful to see something decent on Carrie for AMVIV 4.

3 thoughts on “Best MPG Ever! Well, Almost.”

  1. I’d say the average is around 77, 80 max for short spells. Biggest problem is the 4500 foot hill to climb from just below sea level, and today I think it must have been a 15 mph head wind to boot.

    And don’t forget the soft top (even though its up) loses me a little 🙂

  2. Hey, I got a neighbor that swears his ’06 Vette gets 27. I told him I’d detail the car if he could prove even 20 mpg! What a load!

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