The Regular MINI Service Booking Rant

Finally time to book the Inspection I for Carrie and that means getting fed up with Brecht as usual. It only took me two days of calling to get someone to pick up the phone so they are improving, but I am sure it shouldn’t be that hard. Whilst giving my details I am asked how many miles on the countdown – 625. Well I can’t have the inspection done until that is below 500. I say that by next week I will have done at least another 300 miles but she says I can’t schedule until I am at 500 to go. I say wtf? A few seconds on hold and my booking is taken but be sure to be below 500 when I come in on Tuesday.

Its 130 miles home on Friday, 130 miles back to San Diego on Monday plus 30 miles to the dealer so thats 300 already. I’ll probably be close to 0 when I actually get there.


2 thoughts on “The Regular MINI Service Booking Rant”

  1. Do you have another dealer you can give your business to? That service is just inexcusable, especially if that is normal.

    And if you have an idea where you interval will be by that time, just lie and say that’s where it is next time.

  2. Brecht is the closest dealer to me by a long shot. Well, I suppose Crevier wouldn’t be more than an extra 40 mile or so. Once you’re booked in they are normally great, its just getting in is the trick!

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