Parcel Shelf Difficulties

I know my DIY skills are somewhat close to zero, but the parcel shelf install is supposed to be really easy and I did do the window-up circuit without any problems….

It didn’t help that it was 110F in the shade (118 in town) but I could not get the threaded inserts to stay in place when it came to screw the shelf into them. Each time the insert would slip down a fraction and be too low for the screw to go into. I even taped them in place but that didn’t work either. So, for now, the shelf is installed and stable but its not screwed into place.

[Update:] Did some research on the web and I appear to be in the majority to suffer this problem. Looks like superglue and patience are the answer.

And maybe it doesn’t matter, I still have the window circuit to do and probably have to remove that anyway.

One thought on “Parcel Shelf Difficulties”

  1. This is why I (twice) got my dealership to do it, while they are installing the rally lights!

    BTW: you should not need to remove the shelf to get access for the MINI circuit install.

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