2005 MCS Convertible First Impressions

I may write a full report on the differences between the 02 and 05 MCS’ or I may not. So in the meantime here’s a quick list of things that I’ve noticed every time I drive so far.

  • I’m not a motoring journalist or otherwise I’d come up with some better word, but the gearbox is, well, tight. First gear is so much sharper, quicker off the mark and with none of that low-rev stumbling. The overall driving feel is a lot better.
  • The top is a marvel of engineering. I don’t know if I will ever stop going ooh and aah every time it opens and closes. Three days in and no signs of the ‘infamous’ wear spots yet.
  • I usually put my wallet in the door pocket but I can barely get my hand in there on the ’05. I am guessing this is because of the roll cage but its utility is limited if I can’t get things out of there real easy.
  • I miss the location of the clock. I hadn’t realised how often I want to see both the clock and my current trip miles.
  • There seems to be less leg room in the back. I don’t care as I don’t sit there but that’s how it looks to me.
  • The leatherette is really nice, I think I prefer it to real leather. I will be covering it with the Wet Okoles but if you don’t live in super hot temps I think its a great choice.
  • The three spoke steering wheel looks better than I had expected.
  • The new OBC is great: more statistics to look at and, most impressively, it seems to be accurate this time. So far no predictions of 38 mpg and 600 mile ranges.

Well, thats it for now. Overall the car drives and feels so much better than the ’02, and it looks great. Count me as one happy new MINI owner.

6 thoughts on “2005 MCS Convertible First Impressions”

  1. Ah, will try that when I go home today. I might get the Euro parcel shelf installed tonight in which case I think the wallet might end up on that rather than in the door pocket.

  2. Seconding the “reach over the armrest” – I actually find access to the pocket easier than my ’03.
    Agree with you about rear legroom too – I am sure they had to pull the rear bench forward to get all the roof stuff back there, but left the front seat legroom unchanged. On the convertible the front seats can go back so that they touch the rears!

    BTW: Think there is a problem with the HTML; the “admin: login” and all other links are to the right but below “submit comment”, and with red serif text …

  3. The tip about reaching over the armrest worked – I withdraw my complaint. Didn’t get to put the parcel shelf on last night but did do the seat covers and the glove box organiser. I’ll post some pics of the seats at the weekend, they look sharp.

  4. Thanks for the headsup on the HTML, looked fine in Firefox so I didn’t bother to check IE – I didn’t know anyone still used that! I removed the offending ‘new feature’.

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