Yet Another Music Post

Never one to be shy of stealing someone else’s good ideas I thought I’d copy the latest ‘craze’ started by Ian C and dbmini and list some of the albums currently gracing my iPod when out motoring. Current favourites are bolded:

  • !Cubanismo! – Malembe, Mardi Gras Mambo, Reencarnacion
  • Alabina – Alabina, The Album II
  • Alejandro Fernandez – Entre Tus Brazos, Mi Verdad, Me Estoy Enamorando
  • Alizee – Gourmandises
  • Arrested Development – Zingalamaduni
  • Basement Jaxx – Kish Kash, Remedy
  • Beautiful South – Painting It Red
  • Bond – Born, Classified, Shine
  • Communards – Communards, Red
  • Echobelly – On
  • Emma Bunton – Free Me
  • Evanescence – Fallen, Origin
  • Fish – Vigil In a Wilderness of Mirrors (thats the Marillion singer, not the band)
  • Human League – Dare, Secrets
  • Ibrahim Ferrer – Buena Vista Social Club
  • Janet Jackson – Control, Velvet Rope
  • Japan – Oil on Canvas
  • Jem – Finally Woken
  • Keane – Hopes and Fears
  • Kylie – too many albums to mention!
  • Lamb, Fear of Fours
  • M People – Elegant Slumming, Bizarre Fruit, Testify
  • Macy Gray – On How Life Is
  • Massive Attack – Mezzanine
  • Morcheeba – Big Calm, Who Can You Trust?
  • Natasha Beddingfield – Unwritten
  • New Order – Substance
  • Pizzicato Five – Made In USA
  • Portishead – Dummy, Portishead
  • Propganda – A Secret Wish
  • Rachel Stevens – Funky Dory
  • Robbie Williams – Greatest Hits
  • Scissor Sisters – Scissor Sisters
  • Style Council – Singular Adventures
  • Swing Out Sister – too many to mention!
  • The Streets – A Grand Don’t Come For Free
  • Toni Braxton – Secrets
  • Yazoo – You and Me Both, Upstairs at Erics

I have a lot more one-off tracks than albums but I think I’ve already listed enough.

5 thoughts on “Yet Another Music Post”

  1. Nice list! I thought I had the only copy of the Style Coucil Singular Adventures. Guess I was wrong.

    I can totally tell you are from Kentucky because you listed Yazoo instead of the Yank shortened Yaz 🙂

  2. I think My Ever Changing Mood must be one of the most perfect summer driving songs, definitely perfect for the convertible, cruising down the PCH.

  3. Nice … a fascinating mixture (I thought I was doing well with Jean Michel Jarre & Eric Clapton!); some overlap with my list too so maybe I should check out some more on your list … Beautiful South, Kylie, and some of your latin picks …

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