Guess I Spoke Too Soon

The owners lounge still says ‘On Order’, the phone line still says ‘Scheduled but no date’ so I’m thinking I got excited for no good reason. Upside, though, is that I get to go through that excitement again when it really does happen. Its only three days until production month, so I have fingers crossed to see something change soon.

When I ordered the MINI I put some accessories on there, figured they were small and inexpensive. But according to this posting over on dbmini, just installing the aux input might cost me $125!! So I think I’ll remove all the accessories and do them myself. Only thing I’m not sure of yet is an alarm system. I say they don’t stop anybody from stealing the car but my wife thinks they make a great deterrent to the ‘casual’ thief. $499 plus install might be worth it?

5 thoughts on “Guess I Spoke Too Soon”

  1. for the Alarm pro install is best. As a bonus, it might get you a discount on your insurance. Try to find one that has sensors to make it work even if the top is in the proper position (down). 🙂

  2. The alarm should not be that expensive; MINI Peabody charged $195+$100 for the parts and $95 for installation. Or is the Convertible alarm much more expensive?

    I love the “beep” … “beep beep” when you lock or unlock the car.

  3. wow, hadnt given any thought to the alarm being dearer on the convertible, but is – the build your own page lists it as $499

  4. Wow your prices are crazy…the AUX input installs in 5 minutes and is only $40 for the part. As Ian said the alarm should also be much cheaper..and if anything may not include the roof unit for convertibles so is potentially even cheaper.

  5. I think the message here is to get a total cost from the dealer before I ask them to put on any of the ‘inexpensive’ parts. The alarm for the convertible is $499 on *plus* dealer installation. I’ll do the aux input, glove box organiser and euro parcel shelf myself for sure.

    Maybe I’ll need to look elsewhere for an alarm? Though I’m also thinking that a simple anti-theft lock of some kind might be cheaper and just as effective a deterrent. I know that if a thief wants the car, they’ll get it no matter what security I put there.

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