Boy, You From Kentucky?

Coming into work this morning, car alongside me beckoned me to open the window. “Hey, does the UK on your plate mean Kentucky??” I gave him my ‘are you mad’ look and said that it was for the United Kingdom. He said “too bad” and drove away.

I met him again on the bus from the car park and he explained to me that the University of Kentucky is referred to as ‘UK’ so it wasn’t as crazy as I thought. Well, maybe not. But just in case there is still confusion here is a description of the United Kingdom which you will see has no resemblence to the University of Kentucky.

4 thoughts on “Boy, You From Kentucky?”

  1. You know, I’ve been to Kentucky and everyone there talks exactly like you, so that must have been his malfuction

  2. Not to be confused with KU (The University of Kansas) my alma mater. I guess UK was already taken. : )

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