Small Crisis of Colour

So of course I am checking the Owners Lounge every day to see if my new MINI is progressing any, and each time I go there I see the picture of the cool blue convertible on the login page. It surely is a beauty, makes me wonder if I have made the wrong colour choice…. I do need to call my sales advisor and make a couple of changes, going to change to cloth seats, many people have pointed out to me that when its 110F (as it was yesterday), it is not going to be possible to sit on the leatherette without getting first degree burns to delicate parts.

I did email my advisor a couple of times but she doesn’t seem to be an email person as I’ve had no replies. Its been almost two weeks and they haven’t put the deposit on my card yet or sent me any receipt, confirmation, brochures as promised. I guess I need to get on the phone and see what’s happening.

4 thoughts on “Small Crisis of Colour”

  1. I’ve never had a problem with the leatherette being extremely hot. I’d be more worried about the cloth sopping up water when it starts raining when you have the top down.

  2. I am assured by everyone that the leatherette will be too hot. Its been 105+ all week and will liklely stay this way for the next couple of months, so if the leatherette holds the heat like people say it will be a bad deal. And, when I think about it, it only rains for maybe 20 days a year out in the desert so I’ll deal with that when it comes.

    So… finally managed to get hold of someone at South Bay MINI, don’t know what I did to offend my sales advisor but she would just not return my calls and when I called someone else who said he would speak to her for me, he called me back, not the original woman. Whatever. He assured me that my order is definite and that he’ll be putting paperwork in the mail to me today. In the meantime the owner’s lounge still says ‘on order’….

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