A Week of Near Misses

Its been a bad week for near misses in the MINI. This morning, I get a green light to turn left into work, the car coming towards me not only doesn’t stop for the red light but turns into the two lanes and comes straight over to my lane. I don’t think she even saw me until she heard the screeching of my tyres and the 10 second blast of the horn. Of course she never gives me an acknowledgement of regret or guilt. Sometimes I really wish I wouldn’t brake and they can buy me a new car and pay for me to have some time off work whilst I recover from my injuries.

Its probably just a passing phase but last night I was thinking about trading Sarah in when she hits 50k and getting a hybrid. Right now I’m getting about 26-28mpg, spending about $200-$270 a month on gas and that is only going to get worse. A hybrid certainly wouldn’t be as much fun but it might make more financial sense as gas prices go higher. And I’m worried about the future service and repair bills. If Sarah’s history is anything to go by, there will be many things needing repair in the next couple of years and I really don’t want to pay BMW prices.

4 thoughts on “A Week of Near Misses”

  1. Please at least look at the hybrid realistically. Real life reports show that they do not get near their rated mpg, and the 10mpg improvement you would get probably only translates to a few hundred a year. It doesn’t even offset their price gouging.

  2. A quick survey of Prius owner blogs shows that most everyone is getting 45 mpg or more which at current gas prices would probably save me about $50 a month. The Civic hybrid seems to be in the low 30s so it certainly wouldn’t be worth it over the MINI. CA MINI dealer price gouging is at least as bad as Toyota dealer gouging, seems like everyone wants to screw you these days.

    Really, my biggest concern is the cost of keeping my MINI on the road post-warranty. In the two years of ownership, my MINI has been in the shop over 10 times for warranty repair work at who knows what cost (I’ve had the ABS system completely replaced twice). Three things broke in the same week just two weeks ago including the air bag system and the windscreen. I worry that I’m going to go bankrupt just keeping it on the road.

    But I do love MINI motoring.

  3. If you are really that concerned with mileage, I’d take a long look at getting a MC. Swap the intake and at freeway speeds 36mpg is normal. I can drive to vegas on a 1/2 tank with 1 stop, running the A/C and driving at 80mph.

    Besides, you would probably have less trouble with an ’05. I’d bet most of the wacky 1st/2nd year build issues are corrected.

  4. Don also has a very good point. Resale value is very high so it will be cheap to swap for newer, and all those strange problems seem to be a thing of the past with 04s and 05s. We just don’t want to lose you…especially to a Prius!

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