1000 to go!

Sarah turned 49,000 on the way to San Diego this morning, just under 1000 warranty miles to go. Its going to be scary after that, given how many things have gone wrong since I owned it, and expensive – its said that the 60k inspection service is about a $1000 to perform!

Looking through the service booklet last night I found out that every two years you are supposed to have the brake fluid and the coolant system flushed. I haven’t been doing that as I was thinking that every time I took Sarah in for the required service work that everything would be done. But now I wonder if those items have ever been done? I have an appointment April 28 for some repair work which will almost certainly be the last time I get anything done for free by MINI – if those items are under the service plan, maybe I should get them done whilst I can without paying for them?

One thought on “1000 to go!”

  1. You should try to get done everything you can under warranty if they will do the work, that’s for sure!

    And the 60K visit should run less than $800. Mine was $600 and change if I remember correctly.

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