Ready to pay $2.35 for gas?

According to CNN we’d better get ready to pay $2.35 for a gallon of gas in May. Well, I don’t know where these people live but I haven’t seen a price that low in weeks. I’m typically seeing $2.50 and upward for regular unleaded; yesterday on the way home I saw $2.99 for the premium stuff. So if the average is lower than $2.35, does that mean its still under $2 somewhere in the country?

3 thoughts on “Ready to pay $2.35 for gas?”

  1. I don’t know about you, but yesterday (04/09/05) I paid $2.79/$2.82 for a gallon of premium unleaded fuel. It cost me $37 for fill the tank! ACK!

  2. Eek, that has to hurt. Also on the 9th I saw a garage in El Centro charging $3.11 for premium, most other places here are $2.80 – $2.90.

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