End of Warranty Problems

Sarah will hit 48k today, only 2000 to go before my warranty expires and the problems are starting to stack up. First there is the rear windscreen wiper that no longer sprays water onto the windscreen. Last night when I left work the air bag light failed to extinguish and has continued to stay on ever since. And now this morning I noticed a 4 inch or so crack in the windscreen that has started at the very bottom of the glass, comes up a inch and then goes horizontally under the driver-side wiper blade.

The first two are clearly warranty items. I think the glass is a stress fracture and should be covered as well (I had a similar one replaced last year). It typically takes 3-4 days of calling Brecht before someone answers the phone to make a booking so I’d best get started.

Update: Got through to Brechts on first call and took their first available appointment – April 28