The Thrill of Shifting

Driving into San Diego today I was struck at how much fun it is to drive a manual transmission, or stick-shift if you must. I’ve always known this but the whine of the super charger as you change gear and accelerate adds something extra, I think. I’m not sure I could ever drive an automatic as my daily driver though thats not to say I don’t appreciate the ease it brings when I drive my wife’s Accord.

Coming into San Diego this morning through La Mesa, I spotted an Arco advertising regular unleaded for $1.89!! Premium was $2.11 which isn’t much different to what I pay in Brawley but I thought 1.89 was pretty decent for the times.

2 thoughts on “The Thrill of Shifting”

  1. Its funny, I wrote that before I saw the article on MotoringFile. The press release makes it sound like the auto MCS would be interesting to drive but there is just something about feeling like you made the car go vroom.

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