Wipers on, Lights On in CA

One of the new laws that came into effect on Jan 1 was that drivers must now have their lights on anytime they have the wipers on continuously. On my drive over to San Diego yesterday I saw plenty of lawbreakers looking for citations. Regardless of the law, however, the combination of dark skies, heavy rain and lots of spray on the road made it near suicidal not to have your lights on if you wanted not to be hit.

Btw, one of the other Jan 1 changes: mandatory $1000 fine for speeding tickets over 100mph. MINI owners take note!

One thought on “Wipers on, Lights On in CA”

  1. I hadn’t heard about that one yet…must…do…research…

    everytime I see one of those knuckleheads driving in the rain without their lights on, especially on the freeway, I just want to scream and strangle them.

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