Shock and Awe-Some Comments

For the last few weeks the humidity out here has been such that every time you get out of a car and touch the door (or anywhere) you get quite a shock. I even get a shock getting into the MINI and when I put my hand on the handbrake for the first time; I can feel the hairs on my arm standing up as I slide into the seat. Its not just me though, I see many people getting out of their cars and either gingerly closing the door so as to avoid the shock or, more likely, jumping at the inevitable static discharge on their hand (not to mention accompanying profanity).

I finally got a comment system installed for this little ol’ blog. Now I don’t know if anyone other than the googlebot looks at these pages so perhaps I wasted my time but if you want to let me know your thoughts, please do. For a while I had broken the archives but I think I finally have all the different tools and servers playing nicely together.