Finally, a great deal from Brecht MINI!

Got an email today saying that if I want to bring my MINI by Brecht service they will gladly set my clock to Pacific Daylight Time for me – FREE OF CHARGE!!!! It’s almost worth the 300 mile round trip just to get something for free, make me feel less bad about the $320 oil change. Ouch, still smarts.

I do have to go back soon, though. The passenger-side engine mount has leaked and needs replacing (refilling?), should probably get that fixed.

4 thoughts on “Finally, a great deal from Brecht MINI!”

  1. What, is it a big deal to change the clock on your model? It took me all of a tenth of a second to change my clock in my ’04.

  2. No, it’s exactly the same as with my ’02. The idea of taking it to a dealer to do it is ludicrous! But I expect they figure they will get you for some other things while you were there.

    Before my oil change the service agent checked the tyre depth and told me I was borderline which even I could see was far from the truth. He did seem new to the job so I cut him some slack. The official report from the tech had the tread depth right.

  3. Oh no, it’s much harder on the ’05+ MINIs 😉
    There’s only one button and you have to combine various presses and pauses while the computer cycles through flashing different digits.
    To be honest, I bet it is confusing for some folks …

  4. They’ll change it for you, then call you to tell you about $2000 worth of other things that need to be fixed. Avoid them like the plague. If I broke down in their driveway, I’d have my Mini towed somewhere else!

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