One More DMV Rant

You may remember my earlier woes with the DMV in trying to renew my tags at the same time as getting the title. Well, now I am getting anxious because my driving license expires on Friday (which also happens to be my birthday) and as of the mail pickup on Tuesday I do not have a replacement card. I renewed online over a month ago and if I go back to the website it says that my renewal has already been received. I assume they want it to arrive just in time? Or else they just want to *!@% with me once more. Grrrr.

To celebrate my birthday, Teri and I are off to Sedona for the weekend (no thanks to the INS that are keeping me in town until mid-afternoon with the naturalisation ceremony). Usually we would take the Camry for such a trip, more comfortable and the cruise control make a more pleasant experience over a long distance, but it has developed some kind of leak this week so Carrie will get a shot at visiting the red rocks. It’s very possible we’ll hit the big 50k on the way home.

4 thoughts on “One More DMV Rant”

  1. After we did MITMs we did Santa Fe and Sedona. We stayed at the Rouge Spa, very nice. We enjoyed our time in Sedona. See if the airport is having there Thursday “All you can eat” crab leg special. Usually sells out. I think it’s about $27 bucks per person so go hungry.

    The DMV thing, maybe if you spoke Mexican or Vietnamese you’d be better off. 😉 Print out the online thing for confirmation if it doesn’t come in time.

    My DMV story; Back in 1975 my mom died. I brought her 1965 Mustang down from San Francisco. My step-dad refused to give me the pink, they were separated. He was a very abusive man. I went to the Pasadena DMV, just walked in and right up to the counter, try that today. I told the lady what this man had done to my mom over the years and she granted me the title. That wouldn’t happen now some 22 years later. I sadly sold the car during the last “Gas Crisis” but now wish I still had it. It was an odd car as it had a 289 High Performance engine, mom was a bit of a hot rodder, with a 3 speed manual trans.

  2. Well, its the 14th and no licence in the mail yet so it looks like I’ll be driving without a valid licence for the weekend, at least. Will go to the DMV Monday and get a temp one if it doesn’t come over the weekend. I’ll make sure to watch my speed on the way back from Sedona!

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