Playing the Brecht Service Phone Game – Call 2

Time to get some maintenance work done on Carrie. How many calls will it take before I can make an appointment?

Call 2: Called Brecht MINI, chose #3 from the menu for the service desk, rang and rang and then went to voicemail.

I have never gotten a call back in this instance so I hung up. Hmm.. did worse than call 1, will try again this afternoon.

One thought on “Playing the Brecht Service Phone Game – Call 2”

  1. Two service booking in folks at MINI of Peabody, dedicated to MINI (of course) and sitting just feet from the receptionist so she knows if they’re there or not – almost always get straight through, if not a call back same day.
    Also, direct email addresses to both Chris and Graeme – how it should be!

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