Post Service Thoughts

I’m not sure now that the climate control backlight was every broken. The other night I turned the dashboard lighting down to the level I like and the climate control went dark again. My first thought was that I’d broken it again but turning the dash lights up illuminated the climate control too. Hmm…

An unexpected consequence of the replacement is that my auto-up circuit isn’t working any more. I’ve not taken a look inside yet to see what happened but if the technician disconnected the circuit I hope he left it in there for me to reconnect. I tried re-enabling it per Ian’s instructions and nothing happened.

My next service is currently set for 46,500 miles and these figures tend to go out rather than in so I am a little concerned that I won’t get the next oil change for free. Sometime before then I have to get a new top to replace the one that the regular MINI convertible wear where the hinges are.

Finally, I still owe you a mini review of the ’07 I had as a loaner. Also, I bought the wind deflector last week off eBay and will post some pictures of that just as soon as the camera is recharged.

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