A Little Gadget Envy

Went to a co-worker’s house at lunchtime to play with his Wii, traveled there in his new Lexus. Not sure what model is was, other than it was a small one. But I was somewhat mesmerised by his nav system and definitely came away jealous – it showed the rear view when reversing, moving map on the go, and then while parking it showed a schematic of the car marked with how far each part was from an obstruction. Very cool. Made my MINI feel very old-fashioned.

And talking of cool gadgets, the Wii was a lot of fun, I hate to recommend it but I certainly do if you can get your hands on one. Even though its not high def it looked gorgeous on the 57″ 1080p LCD TV. Damn, now I have nav system and game console envy[*].

[*] Not that I don’t love my MINI or my PS3!

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