MINI Cooper “Marginal” Rear Safety

Heard on CNN this morning that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety had released a new report on the safety of mini cars and they specifically mentioned the MINI Cooper has being highlighted for poor rear safety.

You can find a summary of the report or go here for a bunch of links about the study. Bottom line is that the MINI (up to and including the ’06 models) scored Good for front protection, Acceptable for side, and Marginal for the rear. Contrast this with the Nissan Versa that was top with Good protection all around, and the Hyundai Accent/Kia Rio which finished last with Acceptable front, Poor side and rear.

Update: GBMini posted a good debunking of the report; Motoringfile posted a link and, of course, the MINI fanboys got their knickers in a twist that someone dare say something negative about our precious tin cans.

5 thoughts on “MINI Cooper “Marginal” Rear Safety”

  1. Seems, to me, that instead of all this blustering and crapping on SUVs and how all SUV drivers are “ASSwhatevers” and how IIHS is owned by GM, insurers or whomever, we should be demanding that BMW make our cars better! We can’t do anything about SUVs or their drivers. Yes our handling is superior, which is good, and yes it helps us in many incidents but we drive on these USA roads with these behemoths so we should expect the “Ultimate” from BMW, IMHO. It’s good to note any mistakes that were published, as Ian did, but truth be told the car could be much better.

    In the past I have owned a few SUVs, as they are called now, for many many years because of my offroad racing. I loved my 1997 Toyota 4 Runner, it was one of the best vehicles I have EVER owned. Never had a mechanical problem, ever, never came close to a rollover and I did some crazy stuff in it! It was the vehicle before the 3 MINIs I have owned. They [minis] have had engine failures, and many, many parts failures. I love the car but give me a break it’s not perfect!

    My Rant for the day and it may show on my blog next week.

  2. I think working for Sony on the PS3 and my constant exposure to the “Nintendo is the best, Sony sux/Sony is the best, Ninendo bites” fanboy-ism has greatly lowered my tolerance for the MINI zealots.

    I love the MINI and I’m all for some other marque-bashing but I swear MINI could round up everyone’s first born and half the people on Motoringfile would say its a good thing, that we don’t understand.

    Admittedly I am typing this after half a bottle of Pinot Noir but I’m sure in the morning I’ll agree with at least half of what I just wrote.

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