Got My MINI Visa Card

I know I said I wouldn’t be applying for the new MINI Visa card but I did, so there. The lure of having a card with a picture of my very own auto on it proved too hard to resist. I was going to post a picture of it but I couldn’t find a way of obscuring the credit card numbers that left the picture reasonably intact. Its kind of a shame that I don’t have the old MINI as that combination (red, white, union jack roof) would have made a great looking card but it is neat to see Carrie on my card when I buy things.

Now…. should I use the introductory 0% credit deal to pay off some of my loan….. just kidding.

2 thoughts on “Got My MINI Visa Card”

  1. So did they get your car/card design correct? Still working on getting a replacement with a black roof instead of body color 🙁

    What did you conclude about that 0% stuff? I think basically you could make it work, but you have to be really really careful and on top of everything … one slightly late payment and BANG you’re at 20% or whatever!

  2. Yes, my car looks totally correct, other than the after-market mods. Too bad I couldn’t specify the wine coloured seat covers. Of course, it helps that in my picture the car has no top 🙂

    I think you are right about the credit card thing. It could be made to work but the savings are probably real small.

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