No More Pulley Parties?

[Update:] Decided to bite the bullet and go for the pulley install while the Webb-meister is still around. Sunday, May 7th 11.00 am, Carrie will be getting a little bit faster.

Was reading today that the infamous Pulley Parties by Randy Webb are coming to an end, only three left (LA, SFO and CIN) before he hangs up his pulley removal tool. Not sure of the reason (I suspect his real business is keeping him from touring the country to do the parties) but its a bummer as I want to get the 15% pulley at some point, but had figured I’d wait a year or so. I either have to get it done May 7th when he is in LA or find someone else who can do it when the time comes.

8 thoughts on “No More Pulley Parties?”

  1. I believe its partly due to his growing business and the new MINI coming out. Randy needs to sell the Mule and work towards producing products for the new car. I’m sure he will be touring the country again doing turbo ” ” parties. At least I hope so. I want to see the cool cat again!

  2. Not worried about your warranty? How does that work as my dealer doesn’t need much to bypass it.

  3. I think there are a couple of things. One, there’s some law which says the dealer can’t deny a warranty if the part isn’t responsible for the fault. Second, Randy has done over 400 15% pulley installs and never heard of one problem so I think it is a very reliable mod. Lastly, he warranties his own parts and will make good any problems that are proven to be from the install.

  4. Thanks for the link, Ian – a very interesting thread. I’m fairly confident in the basic mods like the pulley and exhausts, and it helps that Randy warranties the OEM parts if MINI won’t.

    I will admit to a little hesitancy though. I don’t exactly have the best luck when it comes to reliability with my MINIs and wonder if this is temtping fate just a little.

  5. Well all I know is my dealer Asseal in Monrovia has already told me they wouldn’t warranty that particular thing unless it’s a Dinan or John Cooper product and only if installed by a MINI dealer.

    I wonder if an engine blows with his product if he would really replace your engine. I doubt it. I’m not saying his part
    is bad as I’m sure it works fine but…………….

    “there’s some law which says the dealer can’t deny a warranty if the part isn’t responsible for the fault. ”

    I have looked for this law and can’t seem to find it? Got any clues?

    I’d love to put on the pulley and other things but it’s a slippery slope dealing with warranties and lawyers.

    I like you attitude I just don’t need the hassle so I’ll wait and see if I win that raffle back in Boston fdor the JCW’s package or until my Warranty expires in little over a year.

  6. LTZMTOR: the law is the Magnussen-Moss Act. If you read the thread that Ian posted you can see that it’s actually pretty worthless unless you are insanely rich.

    Was thinking about mods and invalidating warranties – I’ve installed Ian’s auto-up circuit so arguably I’ve already voided repairs to the electrical system and, by some of the reasoning I’ve seen, therefore the whole car. Oops

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