At the Dealer!

Got home this evening to a call from the Sales Manager at South Bay MINI, my new MINI has arrived and is being “prepped for the aux input install and PDI”. That’s great news but I told them back in July not to install the aux input as I don’t want to pay their costs, and I want to put the socket under the console rather than in the glove box. I’ve tried calling her and a couple of the MAs but no one picked up. Going to be very annoying if they’ve done it already.

I’m also slightly concerned about the wheels and tyres. The Owners Lounge does not list my choice of wheels – I went for the 16″ non-run flats – so now I am wondering what my new baby is going to be riding on. I suppose I can live with 17″ run flats if I have to, but isn’t the whole point of this wait is to get the exact car you want?

4 thoughts on “At the Dealer!”

  1. Unless you worked out some special deal with your dealer, you won’t be getting non runflats. The MCS doesn’t come with a spare, so you can’t get non-runflats. Or am I wrong again? 🙂

  2. Well, when you spec out the MCS you can choose non-run flats so I don’t really know. My original MCS had the runflats until I got a puncture and then couldn’t find any replacements where I live. So we’ll see what’s on there when I pick it up – looks like being Sunday!

    And in the meantime I got the aux input install stopped in time.

  3. There will be pics a-plenty! Though I probably won’t get home until early evening tonight so not sure when I will get to put them up. And, other than the seat covers, I’ll probably have to wait until next weekend to do the window circuit and aux input install.

    Oh, yeah, I didn’t say – I’m off to pick it up right now!!

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