Frustrating Times

We all know that the wait for the new vehicle can be frustrating but MINI does try to Make Waiting Fun (tm?) by sending out emails, brochures etc to fill the void. But in the last three weeks I’ve been unable to get my dealer to return an email or a phone call with questions about accessories, delivery dates, trade-in values etc, simple questions really that I didn’t expect to have to fight for answers. From changes to their web page, it looks like they have had a bit of a reorganisation but when you’re spending $30k you kinda expect not to be ignored when you ask the basic questions.

I almost see why its worth paying the markup – perhaps the $3k goes towards customer service?? If it wasn’t for the fact that I think I am almost at the end of the wait (but without anyone returning my calls who knows!) I think I’d cancel and buy a Miata.

[Update] Corresponded with my MA – she says that since July 21 the VDC has received 6900 cars and is struggling to clear the backlog. Bottom line, my car is there waiting to be released but we don’t know when they will get to it. She hopes to tell me tomorrow what to expect. I say clear the MINIs, let the BMWs sit there an extra day or three.

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  1. Yo UK,

    Go test drive the New Mazdaspeed MX5.
    You will enjoy it. Having a service dept. nearby should be an important factor in buying a car.

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