A Little Jeep Time

The MINI has been making some nasty noises whilst braking recently so I decided to put it in the local brake emporium to check out putting in some new pads (and I am sure they will insist on discs too). So that meant taking the Jeep to work today.

[Update:] Rear brake pads were worn beyond use but replacement pads weren’t available or orderable!! Had to go up to Brecht and buy them over lunchtime and will take them back this evening… grrr!!! There are definite downsides to owning a MINI.

Of course today would be one of the windiest days in the mountains so not only was I struggling up the hill in 3rd and 4th gear but also keeping a white knuckle grip on the steering wheel to stop us from being blown off the edge. The Jeep has a 3.5 inch lift and 33″ tyres making it quite unstable. It does however allow for a nice view into the passing cars when the driver is worth a look. The mirrors were moved to allow the doors to come off but when I put the windows back in last night they totally blocked the right hand side mirror, can’t see it at all. This combined with a rear window that was almost opaque made for some careful lane changes on the freeway.

Despite only getting 80 miles on half a tank of gas I still got to work in under two hours and I actually had a lot of fun. It will be a shame to sell it but I only drive it 4-5 times a year and it seems pointless to keep it in the garage paying insurance, registration etc for that. And even more so when the value could be applied to the new MINI – news about that real soon.

3 thoughts on “A Little Jeep Time”

  1. Yes, real soon! It might have been yesterday but I was so hacked off by the effort I needed just to get brake pads that I couldn’t face the thought of a new MINI.

  2. If you weren’t replacing your MINI, I would suggest ordering up a set of EBC pads instead of the OEM units.

    But since you are trying to put a cabrio in your driveway, nevermind 🙂

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