Stupid Brecht’s

Went to Brecht’s this morning to pick up my car, it was ready but the paperwork was not. I loaded my things in the car and then noticed that the windscreen had not been replaced. My service advisor was not in so the front desk lady (who turned out to be from Brawley!) did some investigation and found out that the advisor had told the tech to put it in the body shop today, so I would need to pick it up on Saturday. Well, two problems with that – one, I’m going home to England this weekend and, two, he never called to tell me. In the end the manager agreed they would replace the windscreen as if it was under warranty at my next visit, and provide a free rental car for the overnight. Maybe I should have pushed it and got the oil change free, too?

But everything else got done: driver-side air bag cables and connectors, new rear wiper blade, emissions recall, rear wiper fluid sprayer was unclogged and the brake fluid flushed.

142 miles to go before the big 50,000, probably not going to hit that before I get back from Blighty.

One thought on “Stupid Brecht’s”

  1. Enjoy the trip “home” … I was thinking today that England is not “home” any more, but it took me lots of years to reach that thought!

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