Gas-Powered Honda Civic GX Now Available in CA

Honda is making its gas-powered Honda Civic sedan available to the public in CA, customers can lease a home fuelling system which taps into their existing gas supply. Sounds interesting to my eco-friendly ways. The site says it can go about 200 miles on a full tank but it does take 12 hours to fill her up. My quick look at the website didn’t reveal anything about acceleration or top speeds though whatever they are I know they won’t be as appealing as the MINI. And the website quotes 34 mpg which I assume is some kind of gasoline-equivalent metric; that doesn’t sound real good but the real issue is the cost per ‘gallon’ and I have no idea what that is.

Anyway, good to see more options coming for those of us who want less fuel consumption and/or harmful pollutants. Roll on the hybrid (or diesel!) MINI.

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