I have always been in two minds on the issue of speeding (which is a nice way of saying I am a hypocrite). I rarely go above 80 no matter what the prevailing speed is. I hate being overtaken by other MINIs, it makes me feel like I am some kind of wimp, too scared to risk a ticket by letting my MINI go as fast as it wants. On Friday, a red MCS overtook me, we exchanged a wave and I figured I’d come out behind him. When I got to 90 and I wasn’t keeping up I decided to drop the idea.

I usually hope that people who go speeding by me will get a ticket. I’m jealous of them. I need only to step off the pavement 5 foot from a pedestrian crossing and I’d be done for jaywalking, I’m probably the only person in the country who can’t put a European plate on the front of their MINI because the police stop me every time I try: I can never get away with anything.

But mostly I think either speeding laws should be enforced or scrapped. Clearly most of the public thinks they are a joke and if the police aren’t interested in enforcing them then strike them down and lets get racing.

One thought on “Speeding”

  1. In southern California last week I noticed regularly that highway speed limits are higher than here in Massachusetts (we have 55s with a few 65s, I regularly saw 75s in CA); but also most people in CA seemed to keeping close to the speed limit – it seems that people will drive at 70+ on a 55 limit but do 75-80 on a 75 limit. Generalisation of course.

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