Upgrade to 1.5 complete

Finally updated this blog to version 1.5, hopefully it all still works but if you find something not working right please let me know. And in the meantime I’ll be working on a new theme for the presentation.

8 thoughts on “Upgrade to 1.5 complete”

  1. WordPress is becoming quite popular amongst MINI bloggers ;). I just upgraded to WP 1.5 (from pMachine) myself, and I couldn’t be happier with it. There are a ton of great plug-ins, and the community behind WP is great for solving problems or coming up with hacks.

    And as a not, there are notes for inserting a “quick and dirty” header image in the index.php file in the default theme folder.

    Basically, just throw a 760×200 pixel image named “personalheader.jpg” in the images folder, and uncomment the code in the index.php file (it’s all commented very well, so you can’t miss it) and you’re set to go. Like I said, quick and dirty, but it looks better than the generic blue titlebox header…what I did myself.

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