Breaking the Braking Habit

Its almost the New Year and that means making a resolution. This year, rather than making some pointless promise that you won’t keep let me ask you to consider a change in driving habits….

The one thing above all else that I hate on my drive to/from San Diego each week is the sea of brake lights that appears from nowhere on a regular basis. There’s seldom any good reason for it, one person taps his brakes and everyone else reacts like one of Pavlov’s dogs. The ripple effect goes back for miles.

So, what to do? Well, I was taught that brakes are for stopping, not for slowing down in a hurry. Its amazing what leaving a little gap between you and the car in front can do and then simply coming off the gas when the red lights come on; friction and gravity are wonderful things, they will slow you down. If everybody did this I am sure the average freeway speed would increase by 10 mph.

Of course, it won’t ever happen, too many people doing their makeup, talking on their cell phones etc not paying any attention to the traffic will make sure of that. But give it a try, the driving experience will be so much the better for not having to stop/start the whole way, you will love it, your passengers will love, your car will love it.

Happy New Year to all 🙂

2 thoughts on “Breaking the Braking Habit”

  1. AMEN! I hate this with a purple passion! That’s why, even in bumper to bumper traffic, I’m the guy cruising along in 1st or 2nd gear with at least 5-8 real car lengths between me and the next car. Well, until that bimbo driving mommy’s explorer decides to cut in while talking on her cell phone and rummaging through the center console! don’t even get me started! 😀

  2. Agreed also … I remember a comment from the MINI driver behind me on one of our runs; something like “do you ever brake!?”

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