My SkyFi Install

After much experimenting, and looking at a few pictures online, I decided to mount my unit on the right hand side of the console stand. I experimented with attaching the mount on the inside of the stand but I just didn't get a good feel that the final position would work out well. After messing with it a little I finally followed the instructions given on the Ultimount page here at

First, I removed the round part of the mount that has the female receiver for the clip on the car kit and stuck the mount in the place that I wanted to put it. Don't forget to follow the instructions that come with the mount for preparing the area first.

The car unit backing can then be screwed to the mounting plate by unscrewing the two screws on the back of the car kit and attaching the back piece to the mount with the four screws they provide.

Once that was secure I reattached the car kit to its back plate to finsish the install.

The instructions say to leave the mount for 72 hours so the adhesive can "cure" but in this Internet day and age, who on earth waits that long for anything? So I popped the SkyFi straight into the car kit and there I was, finished. The unit flopped around a bit but then I discovered the locking mechanism on the mount and once engaged the unit stood firm, proud as a peacock.

To celebrate, XM was even playing a rocking British band from the 80s although in this case I do like Monday's.

Email me if you have questions or comments about this page, 12/29/2003.