That Time of Year Again

Now that the desert temps have come down to just about perfect, the dirt people are back. I have no problem with that, the local economy certainly appreciates them, but it does cause some driving problems.

When I go home on a Friday night the line of RVs, trailers etc is many miles long, sometimes bunched up, otherwise with a few decent gaps. I typically drive home at about 75mph but the mean speed for everyone else must be 85+ so when it comes time to overtake a group of slow vehicles I pull out, go nicely by but because of the spacing there is usually some idiot up my exhaust pipe before I am done. So do I push it up to 90 and get by the next RV or do I sit there watching the driver behind get more and more pissed off? And if I pull into a gap, there’s a good chance I’ll be sat there doing 60/65 for a long time as a stream of fast moving cars give no chance to pull out. It all makes for an stressful ride home.