Driving Styles

There are many differences in driving style between US and UK drivers but the one that causes me the most grief comes when overtaking. In the UK the roads are smaller, the traffic is more bunched up so typically you drive up quite close behind the vehicle you want to pass before pulling out. However, here in CA people pull out to pass you about a mile before they get to you. Very often I’ll be coming up to a car, waiting to get close enough before pulling out and then before I can, the car behind me pulls out and blocks me in. I suppose I could pull out earlier but I just feel stupid sitting in the outside lane long before I need to be there.

And this situation is compounded by the first law of CA freeway driving: if traffic in the slow lane looks like they are going to pull into the gap in front of you, increase speed so as to prevent them from doing so. And the second law: if someone follows the first law and blocks you off, flip them off or just force your way into their lane and make them brake.