Remote Key Fob Weirdness

While in San Diego, I park my MINI in various locations near the apartment I rent, sometimes right outside but other times it’s a half to a full block away. Last Thursday evening I parked almost right outside the entrance, clicked the key to lock the doors and there was nothing. I walked right up to the car, tried it again and still nothing. So I went inside, read about key fobs failing, expensive replacements, new rearview mirrors etc.

Next day I go down to the car and sure enough I still can’t open the car remotely. Open it old school and drive to work. Thinking that maybe the key had taken a charge on the short drive I tried locking it remotely and it worked. Pleased that I didn’t need a new key I thought no more about it until I had to go back to the apartment to pick up my Dad. I end up parking in the exact same spot I had left in the morning, get out of the car, go to lock the door and, dammit, nothing. Again, I cannot lock the door remotely.

Go in, pick up Dad and drive home. Get home and the key works fine. All weekend the key works fine (but the car was making some odd nosies that I need to investigate). Worked fine when I got to work this morning.

So, I’m about to go to the apartment. Will the key work? If not, is there some electrical field nearby that is blocking the signal for that one-two car lengths? Is that even possible?! It’s odd, very odd.

3 thoughts on “Remote Key Fob Weirdness”

  1. I parked close to where I was last week and….. the key will not lock the door remotely. I tried both keys and nada. Yes, cue the music doo doo doo doo….

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