The Light That Cried Wolf

Got my tyres rotated and balanced this evening and, naturally, the flat tyre warning light came on after a while. I was expecting it shortly after I hit the road and I’d given up waiting for it when it actually did. Both in this MINI and the last one, this warning seems to occur pretty often and most of the time I totally ignore it.

In fact it came on Monday morning when I left home for San Diego and I did stop to take a look. I saw nothing to cause alarm and continued, remembering that just outside the house the tyres and slipped a bit on some oil or something.

One day though I probably will get a flat and keep on going, that’s the trouble with a warning that comes on too much.

On a side note, there seems to be a definite pulling to the left tendency after the tyre rotate, maybe time for an alignment.

One thought on “The Light That Cried Wolf”

  1. It happens to me also usually just after I check and fill the tires? I just reset it and it’s OK until the next time. I check my tires every weekend and just before I get in to drive, it’s a thing I do.

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