Sirius XM for the iPhone?

Most of you probably saw the announcement this week that Sirius XM plans to release an iPhone application by June.

I must say I quite like the idea depending on how much extra it will cost on top of my current subscriptions. I’m assuming you will need 3G or Wi-Fi to be able to listen to it. It would be nice if there was a way to have these things (such as Pandora) do some kind of downgrading of the quality when on the Edge network. If I could get uninterrupted listening I don’t think I would mind a reduction in the song quality.

Anyway it will be interesting to see what Sirius XM comes up with, hopefully it will be good enough to keep them aloft for a while longer at least.

One thought on “Sirius XM for the iPhone?”

  1. Paul, I just downloaded the AP for “Radio Paradise” for my 1st gen iPhone. It was a free AP and works very well. I’m going to review the RP AP next week at Twisty.

    I love that internet station as it plays a wonderful mix of stuff… Loreena McKenitt to Pavoratti to Led Zep to Dave Bruebeck, Dave Mason to Johnny Cash Artic Monkeys, AfroCelts, Billie Holiday and so on. A lot of new alternative music also not available anywhere, even ABBA!

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