Booked up for AMVIV

Just a quickie to confirm we are booked for AMVIV. Registered today for the event, will grab me a hat, shirt and grille badge but will skip the banquet. Did the first one and did not enjoy it at all, will go see a show or something instead.

Saw a tip on the SCMM forums for booking the hotel. I was able to get the Palace Station Hotel for $140.85 including taxes which is about $100 less than the special event rate. It’s a courtyard room but at over $200 less than a Tower room I am sure I can get by. More money for gambling and MINI treats.

Hope to see you all there!

Update: db says that the organisers get free rooms if people use the event code rather than booking elsewhere so if you want to help them participate for free, you should use the code. I don’t feel bad for not doing so – they already got $25 more out of me than if I had spent the event rate and a cheaper hotel means I am likely to support a vendor or two.

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