I don’t know if it was today’s cool temps and the high winds coming home from work but I swear my MINI was purring as we cruised our way down I-15 this evening. Motoring never sounded so good.

Should be signing up for AMVIV this week, not sure why I haven’t done it yet. I’d really like to do the Mount Charleston run on the Thursday but that would require either an extra night’s stay or a very early start (and long day’s total driving). Can’t decide whether to stay at the Palace Station or not. Nothing wrong with it but there are some great rates out there in Vegas right now, a suite in the Rio works out at $90 a night for instance and would make it more of a vacation for my wife. But we can delay that decision a while yet. More later.

2 thoughts on “Purrrrrrrr!”

  1. I have a Dinan Cold Air Intake and when it’s cold like it has been it also purrs, much better than the stock set up did.

    I’ve had my rooms since September but now I may not be going as a vendor or participant. Not sure how much longer I want to do Twisty and since BMW hasn’t responded to any design infractions at blog or store as they said they would 3 weeks ago the whole things up in the air.

  2. Sorry to hear you might not be making it to Vegas – if you do, it would be great to meet up for a beer or something. Sure seems like BMW isn’t doing much to encourage you to spread the brand, too bad if you let Twisty go.

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